If Jesus was preaching these days, he will be using a private jet – Rev. Lucy Natasha reveals why she bought a private jet

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The founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, Rev. Lucy Natasha has reacted to the controversy surrounding the acquisition of private jets by preachers by revealing why she bought hers.

Rev. Lucy told a local magazine that the Kingdom of God needs money and speed to reach the current generation. She also shared her belief of Jesus buying a private jet if he was still preaching in modern age.

The Kenyan Preacher also lambasted those that make it a big deal when a pastor acquires a private jet but fails to do same when a politician does same.

“I don’t know why people make it a big deal when a preacher gets a private jet and they don’t do the same when a politician does the same. The Kingdom of God needs money and speed if we are to reach out fully to this generation… I trust that if Jesus was preaching during these days, he would be using such facilities,”she said.

She also revealed that owning a private jet has given her an opportunity to preach in more than 50 countries.



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