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10 women and 10 men reveal why they cheat on their partners



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You will be amazed to know the reasons why some Nigerian men and women cheat on their partners. While it is still debatable if cheating is solely sexual/physical and not emotional, a lot of people will agree that once you are flirting and paying undue attention to a member of the opposite sex, you are CHEATING!

We recently asked our Instagram followers to share their reasons for cheating on their partners and some of the responses were jaw-dropping. It’s quite shocking that people cheat for the flimsiest reasons that are not linked to their sex-drive.

Ranging from cheating for payback to cheating because their partners are always busy, we’ve compiled some of the responses shared anonymously.

Woman #1: “He’s boring, no communication. Nothing exciting in the relationship”.

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Woman #2: “Found out he impregnated another lady one month after I gave birth to our child.”

Woman #3: “I knew the guy a year before I met my boyfriend but long distance didn’t allow us date. He recently relocated to where I am now, but my current relationship is 2 years gone but we are still attracted to ourselves soo…..”

Woman #4: “Just got married… I haven’t cheated yet but hope to soon since he likes to cheat.”

Woman #5: “Because na mumu dey have one boyfriend. It’s the truth, I have many and I’m never broke.”

Woman #6: “I used to because I thought he was. Found out he has never cheated on me so I stopped.”

Woman #7: “Omo, the boy get money but he is stingy so na hookup I dey run”

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Woman #8: “Companionship. My guy has zero time for me. I need someone I can play video games with and joke with.”

Woman #9: “He no sabi f**k. But he get money”

Woman #10: “He’s too boring, can’t even f**k well but my male bestie does the job well. I don’t see it as cheating though.”

Man #1: “Found out she kissed a guy in the same party where I was. I had to do my own.”

Man #2: “Omo, she don get belle and I needed another version of fvck.”

Man #3: She claimed she was invited to a birthday party by a friend. Only for me to see her snap in Eko Hotel with only singlet, no bra.

Man #4: “The babe sells items on Whatsapp, whenever I buy from her we fuvk. It’s been 6 months and counting.”

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Man #5: “She’s a virgin, it’s hurting.”

Man #6: “Checked her WhatsApp, she pinned a so called ‘Yin’ with plenty love emojis.”

Man #7: “I can’t be eating rice every day naw. Variety is the spice of life.”

Man #8: “She refused to wear Asewo cloth and me I like girls wearing Asewo cloth.”

Man #9: “Her breast too small. But I don woo her before I noticed.”

Man #10: “I’m just a bad person and selfish too, because my girlfriend is probably the best out there.”

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