Davido Instagram followers fans
Davido’s birthday photo. Source: Instagram.

Multiple award winning Nigerian singer and the most followed artiste on Instagram Davido has been accused of buying his followers.

The fan said the singer who has more than seven million followers on Instagram doesn’t have the same number of likes on his posts unlike his counterpart Wizkid who was five million.

A social media user identified as @kinglucyy said after thorough research, (s)he learnt that the figures on the singer’s page was not authentic.

@Kinglucyy wrote: “Truth is Davido has 7M followers and Wizkid has 5.6M followers but Wizkid has more likes on his posts than Davido. Now listen to this: One day Davido posted a picture and within 5 minutes it had 1000 comments, a friend of mine counted and it was exactly 217 at that moment, he told Davido about it . And immediately he told him Davido blocked him.”

Another fan identified as @thickerbody-9ja in defence of the singer countered the Kinglucyy. The fan who is supposedly a lady argued that the singer does not need to buy fans because he is a celebrity.

She said, “Wizkid doesn’t post often, so each time he posts, he is sure to get more engagements than Davido. Because Davido posts almost everyday, most of his followers may not care to like or comment sometimes. Social media pages work differently for everyone.”

“Davido does not need to buy followers,” @thickerbody-9ja added.