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Church Of Satan in ohafia Abia State has Been Vandalised By The Youth



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The Founder Of Church Of Satan in Ebem Ohafia Abia State, Ifekwe Udo Has been Arrested

The church of Satan in Ohafia has fallen and the chief apostle and founder has been seized and taken away by the federal authority.

The Assemblies of light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer, popularly known as Church of Satan in Ohafia founded by Mr. ifekwe Udo has been knocked down and vandalized by the youths of community for the evil it has initiated.

Ifekwe Udo, also known as Lucifer or Fada-Fada has a question root regarding his Ohafia nativity. He became popular in the past quarter of the decade for his visible effort in providing employment opportunities for the jobless youths of the community. He gave the jobless youth motorcycles on hire purchase.
He later opened a brothel also in Ohafia with allowed unisex.

People of Ohafia knew his evil practices but nobody could confront him because of his connections.

He was arrested this month by federal authority for violating the lockdown order and also for child trafficking and terrorizing the community. The youth of the community angrily destroyed the satanic images outside the church.

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