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Don’t give up when doing what you knows how to do best



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Dear friends, whatever your dreams or your goals are, whatever your business or your enterprise is, whatever your pursuit or aspiration is, let me tell you; you need to be passionate about it, you need to want it so bad that you won’t relent, you won’t give up, you won’t give in, you won’t cave in, you won’t quit, you won’t let go, even if it is not working.
A lot of events take place in life, a lot of things happen that will make a rational person want to quit and give up, but such occurrences will not deter you, such occurrences will not make you quit or surrender, such occurrences will not throw you off balance, because you are soaked in your passion, and you are passionate about your resolve..
Please, I implore you, I beseech you, I plead with you, whatever your dreams are, whatever your goals are, whatever your hopes are, whatever your aspirations are, be passionate about them, be committed to them, persevere.
Hang in, hang on, keep going, and don’t let go. I want you to realize that because it is not happening for you now, or not happening for you yet, does not mean that it will still not happen for. The fact that things are not working for you now or not working for you yet does not mean that they will still not work. Only hang on a little bit more, stay in the game, persevere, hold on, be strong, and keep doing what you are doing, keep working on it, keep pushing on, keep pressing forward. Be passionate, and let your passion keep you in the game.
Whatever it is you are doing; you just started your own business, you’re pushing for a contract, you submitted a proposal to a corporation, you are making a presentation at some place, be passionate about it. Let your passion level be so high because when everything else fails, when nothing works, your passion will make you keep at it.
I’m not in any way saying that I am an expert, I only see myself as a conduit to pass this information to you. I’m holding up a mirror for you, so you can see yourself, and see the many different things you can do to improve on yourself after reflecting on issues that concern your life. If you are passionate enough about making your life better, and doing things that will improve on your life, and you actually go for it, even you will be surprised at the amazing things that will take place in your life.
Bring commitment and discipline into your affairs, persevere and be passionate as you go about the pursuit of your dreams and your goals.
Do away with all complacency and disharmony and do things with passion. Go all out, go all in. You will be surprised at the MIRACLES that will happen in your life.
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