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Bola Thani – Iyanu

Sensational gospel singer Bola Thani aka Bethany has revealed why she is passionate about waxing soulful gospel music and the inspiration behind her song titled “Iyanu” which happen to be the Theme of the RCCG Annual Convention 2020.

The singer who also doubles as the Assistant Pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victory Temple, Charlotte, USA, in an online interview on Wednesday said that she has always been passionate about living a praiseful and grateful life unto God.

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Bola Thani who hails from Ikakumo Akoko, Ondo State, in Nigeria, while also reflecting on her works done so far which includes three albums, said that God has been the motivating factor for her.

She said; “Having covenanted my life unto God right from my youth, I’ve always been passionate about living a praiseful and grateful life unto God – not minding the circumstances around me. I reflect more on what God has done, not on what He’s yet to do. All the three albums are replete with songs of praise & worship unto God Almighty.”

While responding to the motive behind her current single “Iyanu”, Bola Thani who has been privileged to minister on various platforms with several reputable gospel artistes, said that it had to do with the birth of her second child.
The gospels singer said: “The song, Iyanu was conceived after the delivery of my second child in 2007, having waited on God for him for 6 years. For you reading this, it may seem like nothing is happening, but surely, something great is happening for you.

“That baby will come; you will have a quiver full like me. I waited for children, then 3 pregnancies, 4 babies, I told God it’s enough.

You will overflow in good health, the God of Wonders is visiting you with abundance of favor, joy, breakthroughs this season in Jesus name!” she prayed.


Iyanu loruko re o Baba Mimo
Wonderful is your name Holy Father

Atobajaiye, iyanu loruko Re Baba Mimo
Sovereign King, Wonderful is your Holy name

Olorun Ayo
The God of Joy

Iyanu o, what a wonder You are
Wonderful! What a wonder you are

The woman with the issue of blood
You made her whole when she met you
At the mention of the name of Jesus,
Every knee shall bow
What a wonder you are
What a wonder your name is
Olorun ayo
The God of Joy

ChorusIyanu loruko Reo, Baba Mimo.
Wonderful is your name Holy Father

Iyanu o, Iyanu loruko Re Baba mi
Wonderful is your name Holy Father

Akiikitan, ayiniyintan, apeipetan Arugbo Ojo
Highly Esteemed, Exceedingly Glorified, Unlimited, the ancient of days

Gbogbo agbara lo wa lodo Re Baba olorun ayo
All power belongs to you, the God of Joy

Ha Jesu
Oruko to ju gbogbo oruko lo
Name above every other names
Oba to pa kiniun lenu mo fun Danieli
He who shut the Lions mouth for Daniel
Oloruko egbaagbeje
God with countless names
Iku gbo oruko Jesu o sa wogbo
At the mention of your name death vanished
Alaisan gbo oruko Jesu o ri iwosan
The sick receives the name of Jesus and are healed
Agan gbo oruko Jesu o dolomo repete, repete
The barren receives the name of Jesus and becomes mother of children
Oruko to lana nibi ti ona ko si
The name that made impossibilities possible
Or The name that made ways in the wilderness
Jesu, Jesu
Jesus, Jesus

The God of wonders
Gbigbinikin Arugbo Ojo
Great and Mighty one, the ancient of days
Olowo ina o, oloju ina o, alaso ina
Deliverer, the fearless one who is clothed with Fire
To n woso mimo, to n gbe nibi mimo
Clothed in Holiness, dwelling in Righteous sovereignty
Kiki ola, kiki ogo, kiki agbara
Crowned with Wealth, Glory and Power
Jesu, Jesu Jesu
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

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