How Net 30 Accounts can Be Used To Build Business Credit

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Business credit is of paramount importance to companies of all sizes, particularly smaller, newer ones. It grants access to liquid that would otherwise be inaccessible, and can provide businesses with the fuel they need to grow and expand. Despite the importance of business credit, many are unaware of how they can effectively build it, as illustrated by the fact that 33% of new businesses have less than $10,000 in startup capital.

Net 30 Accounts represent an efficacious means of building credit and, as a direct consequence, increase the income a business is generating. It is therefore supremely important that businesses take advantage of this tool. This article will explore how Net 30 accounts can help you build credit as well as some straightforward ones to get started with.

What Are Net 30 Accounts?

While seeming alien at first, the concept behind Net 30 accounts is extremely familiar. Put simply, they are a tool that allows a company to build credit, even if they have none to begin with. Normally, a business will be expected to own a minimum of five accounts that are actively reporting to one of the major credit bureaus.

These accounts enable businesses to buy products on credit from specific vendors and pay up to 30 days later. After these credit lines have been formed with a number of distinct net 30 vendors, and the owner of the net 30 account has demonstrated a solid payment history, they will be eligible to apply for loans from creditors as well as credit cards for their business.

On top of the already incredible benefit of reporting these credit lines to the major bureaus, it is extremely simple and straightforward to set up an account with them. A number of the most recommended net 30 vendors for you to establish an account with have been explored below.


Net 30 Accounts To Get Started

Business T-Shirt Club

The first recommendation for businesses to set up their net 30 account is Business T-Shirt Club. This T-Shirt printing option is membership only and extremely well suited to entrepreneurs. By becoming a member with this vendor, businesses can benefit from subsidized rates and other discounts.

As part of the service, this net 30 vendor reports credit transactions to a number of bureaus, including: Credit Safe, Cortera, Equifax Business and Ansonia. For transactions to be reported to credit bureaus, the amount spent needs to exceed $250 for blank clothing. Similarly, custom-designed orders require at least 12 units to be reported.

Image Credit: TRUiC

Office Garner

Another valuable consideration, Office Garner should be at the top of all businesses net 30 vendors lists. Just as the prior vendor does, they report transactions to various distinct credit bureaus for businesses, including major bureau Dun & Bradstreet. They sell a plethora of high-quality office supplies that all businesses require for a reasonable cost.

Creating a Net 30 account with this vendor is incredibly straightforward and can be completed in minutes with a simple and quick online registration. It’s worth noting that a small fee (that is only required once) is necessary in order to complete the opening of a Net 30 account.

That being said, once this is done all transactions over $45 will be reported to the major credit bureaus, including the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), Equifax Small Business, Dun & Bradstreet, Ansonia and the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE).

HD Supply

The final Net 30 vendor for businesses to create an account with is HD Supply. This industrial distributor is one of the most eminent in the whole of the US. With over 80 years of experience in their speciality, they are an extremely good choice for businesses requiring industrial goods.

There is no minimum order requirement that businesses must exceed in order to ensure that their transactions are reported to a credit bureau, which is one benefit this vendor has over any of the others mentioned on this list. The only stipulation for purchases to be transferred to a bureau is that there is a balance in the company’s account come the end of the month.

Closing Remarks

Evidently, Net 30 accounts are a powerful tool in the arsenal of a business trying to increase their credit score. Even more details on Net 30 Accounts can be found on TRUiC’s website.

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