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I Love Her But She Doesn’t Want To Date Me Because I’m Broke



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Hello everyone, I’m Oluwatimileyin by name…

There’s this babe I’ve been crushing on for years, her picture is attached to this article.
Her mum’s shop was right beside my boss’s office. I always admire her everyday, every time I set my eyes on her.
That was 2018, I guess… I admire her and my heart desires her but I’m just a stupid shy guy, I couldn’t summon the courage to walk up to her to start up a conversation not to talk of telling her how I feel. All I do is greet her casually with inaudible voice and my agama lizard head (lol).

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My boss changes his location 2019, so I didn’t see her some then but luckily for me, I saw her picture on a friend’s WhatsApp status and I got her number from the person around 2020 Dec ending….
I messaged her, introduced myself and she welcomed me. The idiot me still can’t start up a meaningful conversation with her so I only view her status and comment once in a while.
Whenever I chat her, our conversations was always normal greeting, (Good morning, how’re you, how was your day).
Some days ago, she requested for a WhatsApp voice call on her status and I asked if I can call, she said okay.. I even told her I’m a boring soul and she said we’ll see how it goes…
I called her and we talked for hours, like 2hrs or more. She’s fun to be with though. 2days after, she requested for WhatsApp call again and I called her. And this time we talked as if we’ve known each other for years, we talked for 5hrs before we decided to end the call. During the conversation, I told her I like her and I’ll want use to date but she said she’s not interested in any relationship now.
It’s not like she’s not interested in any relationship but I think she’s scared cos it seems she’s never been in a perfect relationship… She said her longest relationship was 10months.

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TBH, I love this girl, and I’ve been trying to tell her how I feel but she’s just rejecting me… or maybe she’s rejecting me because I’m a broke nigga. I don’t know what to do, I’m confused.
All I think about now is Favour, nothing else.

Can someone please help plead on my behalf in the comment section below, she will surely view this article.

I’ll be the happiest guy on heart if she accept me.



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