The Importance of Building a Website For Your Business

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A website is one of the most important tools in any business’s arsenal for establishing themselves in the modern business world. Many potential customers will decide on which business they will use based on their website and the quality of its design. A business’s website can often make or break a potential sale based on the impression which the customer receives about the business. An intuitive, aesthetically pleasing website will win customers over and do a great deal of heavy lifting when it comes to the marketing of a business. An outdated or clunky website will often leave people with a poor impression of a business and make them unlikely to consider giving that business their time or money. 


This was demonstrated by an academic study which used a case study of beauty salons in Vietnam. This case study was used to determine the importance of website quality in relation to brand loyalty. The study revealed that the quality of the salon’s website had a positive impact on both the customers perception of the company as well as the customers loyalty to the brand. The improved brand perception which a higher quality website facilitated was the cause of the increase in brand loyalty of the customers. 

Usefulness of Website Builders 

Website building is no longer a task which requires experience and programming skills. Website builders are making it more convenient than ever for anyone to establish a website for their business which can blow customers away. Many website builders utilize drag and drop functionality to increase the usability and accessibility of their platforms. Additionally, website builders tend to feature templates which are created by skilled designers to give any business owner a head start on the process of building their own website. 


The combination of drag and drop functionality with website templates provides business owners with the ability to construct sophisticated and compelling websites with ease. The hands-on approach which website builders require also comes with the benefit of allowing business owners direct control over their website and its realization. This means that business owners get to express themselves and their vision for their business without restraint or the need to convey their vision to others. 


The more traditional approach to website building requires either skill in programming and software or hiring a web design business to create a website on behalf of a business owner. This approach comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this approach are that web design companies take care of the process of website development on behalf of the business owner. In addition to this, web design companies have the potential to produce websites of greater quality than that of a website builder. However this does come with strong downsides. Website development from the ground up takes far longer and costs far more than using a website builder. This can often be too costly for a small or medium business which needs to establish its online presence as soon as possible. Also the business owner does not get to enjoy the same level of creative control and expressive freedom which they do with a website builder. 


Shopify is one of the best website builders for developing an ecommerce website. They cater to businesses of all sizes and provide intuitive website building tools to help even the most inexperienced business owners develop their ecommerce business quickly and effectively. The website builder also features detailed analytics which can be very useful for a business owner to gain a more nuanced understanding of the manner in which their customers interact with their website. The Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) has prepared an in-depth Shopify review for more information. 

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Final Thoughts 

Building a website is an integral part of building a business and being competitive in the modern business world. High quality websites improve customers’ perception of a business which in turn increases their brand loyalty to a business. This will create more revenue for a business as well as helping a business market itself in an organic manner. Website builders are very useful for small and medium businesses to easily and quickly develop a compelling website for their business. Most website builders prioritize accessibility which allows them to be used by anyone.

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