”You turn me on, i have never felt like this in years” – Dispatch rider tells his female client

February 11, 2021 Off By Naijasure

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A lady has taken to her social media page to share a screenshot of the conversation she had with a dispatch rider who became flirty with her shortly after delivering her ‘stuff’.

Been a while .. might delete soon tho🙃 pic.twitter.com/5vnbWDwcRK

— Winifred (@biglilbaby_1) January 27, 2021

According to the dispatch rider, the lady turned him on and he’s not felt that way in years.

IN his words ;

”You left me in a high mood today, like seriously up till now i can’t help it. You turn me on, i have never felt like this in many years”

The lady was too shocked to give a proper reply as she could only laugh at the audacity.

Omo! See the dispatch rider that came to deliver my stuffs today🥴 pic.twitter.com/MlNOpX9uMx

— Winifred (@biglilbaby_1) February 9, 2021

Some social media users are calling for the dispatch rider’s head as they tagged his texts unprofessional.

Extremely unprofessional!

— Oyindamola🙄 (@dammiedammie35) February 9, 2021

After some men will flock under this post saying he’s free to toast or what did y’all call it again. Another lady complained about this same act some weeks ago, many were justifying the unprofessional act all in the name of freedom to toast. Katikati

— I_am_wealth (@ianwealth) February 9, 2021

E say na “you turn me on” pele oh Kelvin little. Lori iro. Please next time caution him to desist from such acts instead of playing it cool and laughing. You con dey make am feel say you sef dey feel the vibes na why e continue det type rubbish

— Peace Of Mind (@wealthy_yute) February 10, 2021